Pacific Northwest Flyfishing School

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Helping a little - Helping a lot...

This year, one of us at the school will be a national delegate for the Democratic Convention in Boston.  It's going to be an expensive trip, so why not make a donation by purchasing one of our classes and get an excellent flyfishing experience at the same time? 
Our classes make great "gift certificates" as well - after all, the holidays are coming sooner than we all think!
The Paypal button below can be used to purchase one of our two classes, or to make smaller donations. 
Either way, thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you on the water. 

Saturday, July 17, 2004


The Pacific Northwest Flyfishing School is an innovative and personalized approach to the art of flyfishing.  We believe our customer's enjoyment and satisfaction is paramount, and that time spent with us should be an unforgettable experience.  For this reason, we only offer one- or two-person classes.  All classes are indeed tailored to each individual, and are taught directly on the water.
You can currently purchase either class listed below as a certificate for yourself or as a gift for others.  Each class will be for one or two people, with the date and place to be arranged. 

$250 – One-Day Fly Fishing School
You and a friend begin your education in the art of fly fishing directly on the river with all of the traditional information of equipment basics, fly casting techniques, essential fishing knots and enough about freshwater entomology to make expert fly selection a comfortable process.  How and where you select a personal fishing area, as well as the fishing etiquette of rivers, lakes and streams will be introduced.  A creekside lunch with a question and answer session will refresh you and add a much needed break to your day!
$500 – Two-Day Fly Fishing School
This includes the One Day Fly Fishing School program, plus a full day of guided fishing with advanced fishing instruction.  The instructors are professionals who will be beside you, quietly analyzing and improving your style.  

We're new at creating web logs and such, so we'll see what we can do as we go along.  I hope to have a Paypal button here as soon as possible, and am thinking about using this site as a place to create a friendly dialogue regarding the craft of flyfishing.
Until then, you can reach the school directly at if you have questions to take offline, or if you would like to purchase one of our classes.